Our program aims:


1.     To produce red angus cattle that are of both sound structure and calm temperament.

2.     To breed cattle that will raise a good calf, in spite of the prevailing seasonal conditions.

3.     To promote the attributes of red angus cattle within our geographical area.

Who are we?


In 2000, Karen and I purchased our property at Stony Creek, between Woodford and Kilcoy in the Sunshine Coast hinterland. Not long later, Matthew arrived on the scene and Millie followed soon after. Both Karen and I work at the high school in Kilcoy, me as a Head of Department and Karen as the Agricultural Assistant on the school farm. We first registered Palmview Red Angus Stud in 2013. While being supportive of our cattle exploits, Matthew hasn't caught the cattle bug - preferring cricket in the summer and rugby league in the winter. Millie on the other hand is a different kettle of fish, happily spending many hours with the cattle. Eventually the inevitable happened, and Millie started her own stud, AKM Red Angus, first registered in 2017. At the moment, the Palmview cattle are outnumbered by the AKM cattle - I mustn't be charging enough for agistment!

Our history


After arriving from four and a half fantastic years in Charleville, we first cut our teeth on a small team of hereford heifers. We owe a huge debt of gratitude to these little girls for the tolerance levels they showed in dealing with our steep learning curve. We eventually moved into Santa Gertrudis cattle for a few years, but still weren't happy. A few more years back into mixed commercial cattle were to follow. A chance meeting with Milton Fowler at the EKKA resulted in us eventually making the move into Red Angus and we haven't been happier. We've made great friendships and had amazing support from a range of fellow Red Angus breeders both here in Queensland and from across the border in NSW - GK, Boonyouin, Rosemullion, Greenwood Park, Triple M and Red Star have all played roles in helping our stud progress from humble beginnings. We are thankful to them all.

Latest news

September, 2023

2 bulls (Stevie and Sammy) sell at the Power of Red 9 in Toowoomba


October, 2023

 Two new purchases for our studs, Tarzan (MAKT41) and Smitta (MAKS26) purchased from Maryanne Kearney at Boonyouin Red Angus.

Contact us

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